This office saved my family.

I left this review on another link for this office where there are only 3 reviews. I only found this page because Don610 added a link so I am adding a link back sagger my review so others can add their reviews there. Hopefully the Yellow Pages will combine the two.

This office saved my family. When creditors are harassing you and your family and you know you're in trouble, it's hard to ask for a referral to a good bankruptcy attorney but it's also a gamble to just pick one at random. I swallowed my pride and asked a coworker I knew had successfully done a bankruptcy. He recommended me to James Alan Poe.

Mr. Poe and his staff are great. Having 14 years experience they know your worries before you do and help to ease your anxiety and certainly the stress, as they help to navigate you through the bankruptcy process. At one point I felt overwhelmed and Mr. Poe told me he eats elephants one bite at a time. He gave me a laugh and made me realize it was a process that others have done and I too could manage. I have already recommended this firm and would do so again to anyone who needs help, but isn't sure if bankruptcy is the way to go.

-J. Diaz-Gonzalez


I never thought I would have to claim bankruptcy. If you asked friends and family they would say never in a million years. I was good about money, saving here and there. Then an illness changed everything. When it's your kid nothing else matters. My savings went faster than sand through your fingers- I borrowed money from my family. I used credit cards to pay for basic necessities and I was drowning in debt. Two years of this before I realized I couldn't go on like this.

My phone was ringing constantly with bill collectors, I was receiving letters daily.

Mr. Poe was very helpful to me. I came into his office on a friend's recommendation.

I mentioned the family's name and right away he remembered them. We talked and he explained that this wasn't my fault. I felt such relief when he said this and looked over some information I supplied and told me I qualified for bankruptcy relief. I was nervous but the toughest part was gathering my paperwork.

I just received notice that my case is over. I am grateful to Mr. Poe and his staff.

(His office manager is hilarious and helped to lighten my mood)

Now I plan on taking things one day at a time. Starting over may seem scary but to me it's a fresh start. One I needed and one that was made easier by this office.

I am happy to recommend Mr. Poe if anyone should need to hear from me personally.



This Firm is fast acting and you see the results. Because of their efficient and prompt service i was able to retain my home. i would give more stars if they were available.


Excellent Firm

I am not only happy with their service and wonderful staff , but i have recommended all my friends and family in need of their services A+++++++....


Gave me understanding and peace of mind

I visited various attorneys and decided to go with Mr. Poe. I felt very comfortable with his attention and with his staff. At a time when I was uncertain of what to expect, they were able to guide me in the right direction. Whenever I had a question which pertained to my chapter 13 or the foreclosure proceedings, I always received a call back in a timely matter. I highly recommend working with Mr. Poe, Carlos, and Nadine.


Save my house

After visiting several attorneys I felt comfortable with Mr. Poe and his staff. The one on one attention I received in this horrible experience helped me get through. I was able to save my home using a Bankruptcy chapter 13 which gave me a better deal than any loan modification offered. Thank you Nadine, Carlos and Mr. Poe. You are family now.

Forever in your debt!


Helped my family when we needed it

Mr. Poe was very kind. He helped us when things were very bad and stress was taking over our lives. There is a light at the end of the tunnel and finding this office and receiving the help we did was the first step in getting out of the darkness. My family is better now. Things are much better. We have finished out bankruptcy, and my husband and I feel good to have chosen to do it. We were weary at first but it was the right choice for our family. Thank you Mr. Poe.

And Ms. Nadine, you were so helpful too.


1. I was looking for guidance and assistance with the bankruptcy and foreclosure process.

2. I valued most the personal assistance provided by the lawyer. I felt that my case was handled with the utmost importance and was always made to feel that nothing else mattered but finding a resolution to my case.

3. The result has been a successful bankruptcy filing that now a year later has led me to clean slate of credit which now I am building back up. In addition, the worry free handling of my foreclosure case has been extremely helpful.

4. I would highly recommend these offices to anyone in need of a bankruptcy or foreclosure defense as I've had a wonderful experience. Everyone has been extremely helpful and personable and all was handled professionally. Many thanks to all that assisted in the handling of my case.

Raldy Vasquez
Miami, FL

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This is one situation that you do not have to face alone. Contrary to public belief, Chapter 7 and 13 are still available. Due to the economic situation as it is, we understand that many families and businesses are faced with tough decision and may fall behind on their obligations due to the loss of a job, disability caused by medical reasons or extenuating circumstances. When it seems as though you have no where else to turn, you can rely on our professionalism and experience to guide you through. Serving Dade, and Monroe counties, James Alan Poe, P. A., will use his expertise to battle your creditors and use your legal rights to protect you, your family and everything else you've worked so hard to achieve.


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